Message from the President & CEO, Bill Torres

Making Digital a Strong Component of Our Service

Our plan is very simple: regardless of the way you want to connect with us, we want to be the best. (This is currently being referred to as an omni channel approach.)

Gibbs has a great reputation for the quality of our inside sales and our outside group and we continue to work diligently to improve in both areas. We focus our attention on making sure that our people are available, knowledgeable, and very customer focused.

We also recognized several years ago, that to truly be a world-class company in service and support, we needed to have a very robust digital component as part of our plan. No one questions that digital has become a major aspect of all our lives. It is amazing to think of how it has changed our buying habits. The change in information flow is mindboggling. (Thanks to the web, my home projects now have a much higher success rate!) Our first inclination on many things is to go to our computers and enter a search request.

Thus, our plan at Gibbs was to add digital components that would give our customers and potential customers the same type of experience they were seeing in other aspects of their web-based searches for information and purchasing. We wanted to make things easy for you. We think we have done it.

We are very pleased to talk about three digital improvements at Gibbs that we think will make your material review and purchasing decisions easier.

We have a new corporate website now available to you as or The site has been updated and enhanced in a fully responsive design for a better user experience on  gibbs_comp2mobile, tablet, and desktop. Our contact forms are simpler and easier to use along with helpful tools and information you need in regard to quality, certifications, calculators, and surcharges. Our contact information is bold and easy to find giving you the option of how you want to purchase or receive your price & delivery information. We hope that you are finding it easier to navigate and also filled with more information.

mex imageWe have a new Mexico and Latin American Web Site: is published in Spanish and English, showcasing our extensive inventory of wire and strip products available to our customers in Mexico, Central and South America. Gibbs Metals de Mexico, is located in Queretaro, Mexico.

We have developed a customer portal  This project, which was many years in the making, is now being rolled out to you. With the portal, you will have much greater access to information about your orders and our inventory, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, from your desktop or mobile device. You will be able to print and view certifications and shipping documents. You will be able to inquire about buying new material, download all open and closed orders/invoices, check ship dates, invoice status, and payment information. We will also have a chat feature available for you to message ‘real-time’ with our insides sales department, assisting you with additional information you may need.

We have installed SharePoint software to organize and store relevant documents to shorten our response time to you.  As mentioned above, we want to constantly improve your experience when talking to our inside and outside sales group. One way to do this is to greatly improve their access to information to provide fast answers. With our new SharePoint software, we will be able to provide a much larger database of information instantly available to our sales people.

Gibbs is committed to being your best service provider regardless of the channel you want to use. We are very excited to see how our enhanced digital presence helps our companies work together.

All the best

Bill Torres, President and CEO
Gibbs Wire & Steel, Inc.