301 Stainless Steel Strip for Spring Applications

301 Stainless Steel Strip for Spring Applications UNS 30100, UNS 30116, ASTM A666

301 stainless steel strip is a preferred alloy for tempered applications due to its strength, corrosion resistance, and durability.  301 coil is a common choice for many products including filter snap bands, point of purchase displays, window counterbalance springs, constant force springs, medical devices, zippers, clips, clamps, fasteners, oil & gas products, and more.  Gibbs also offers edging/skiving services for our 301 slit coil to help equalize the stresses across the width of the strip.  Our proprietary round edge has set us apart from the competition.  Customer feedback noted it may be a factor in improving the life cycle of their springs.  In addition to coil edging, we have the capability to oscillate wind your strip onto numerous size reels and spools providing trouble-free payoff with longer runs.

Gibbs supplies 301 in many tempers.  Spring manufacturers often require our High Yield and High Silicon stock with a 270 KSI or higher minimum tensile.  The addition of silicon to 301 allows for high strength with increased ductility. 

Extremely light-gauge, narrow-width 301 stainless steel strip

Our material gauges start at .0019” and can be slit as narrow as .024”.   Our extremely light-gauge and narrow-width slitting capabilities ensure Gibbs can provide you 301 strip for a wide variety of spring and product dimensions.

For a list of our standard 301 gauges view here: 301 Strip. If you don’t see the gauge you are looking for, contact us.  The majority of the 301 we provide is made to our customers’ precise and custom requirements.

Gibbs has been supplying wire and strip products to the spring industry since 1956.  We understand the needs and challenges spring manufacturers face.  We want to be your 301 partners.  Call us at 800-800-4422 or contact us below

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    301 Coil

    301 Stainless Coil

    301 stainless steel coil is provided by Gibbs as a slit to width product.  301 is available in regular or high silicon and many temper designations such as quarter hard, half hard, three-quarter hard, full hard, extra full hard, super full hard, 270,000 min tensile, high yield and others.  Gibbs has the 301 strip product you need.  We stock a vast inventory of 301 coil from .0019” up to .065”.  We offer 7 locations in 3 countries to make sure your slit coil is available to you where and when you need it.  Gibbs offers precision slitting down to 0.024” wide with exceptionally tight tolerances.  In addition, we have the ability to apply multiple edge types and traverse wind onto several spool and reel types making your product and manufacturing process superior.

    Typical applications for 301
    Auto Trim
    Conveyor BeltsMedical Equipment
    ASTM A240
    ASTM A666
    AMS 5519
    AMS 5902
    AMS 5518
    AMS 5517
    AMS 5901
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