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Tempered Stainless Steel Strip & Slit Coil

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Tempered Stainless Steel Strip & Slit Coil

Tempered stainless strip and slit coil is desired for springs and other applications where high tensile strength and corrosion resistance is needed.  Gibbs is known as the ‘premier supplier’ of strip and wire products to the Spring Industry.  We lead the Industry with our ability to process extremely narrow widths with a round edge on oscillate wound spools. 

Gibbs stocks many grades of Stainless Strip in gauges from 0.0019″ to 0.050″ precision slit to extremely narrow widths from 0.024″ to 12″.

Our tempered stainless coil is available in a variety of tempers including 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard, 3/4 hard, full hard, spring temper, extra full hard, and high yield 270 ksi min tensile or high silicon for our 301 grade.

  • Gauges From: 0.0019”- .062” / 0.0381mm – 1.57mm
  • Widths From: 0.024” – 24” / 0.6096mm – 609.6mm
  • Edging: Round, Square, Broken Corner on widths as narrow as .040″
  • Oscillate/Traverse Reels and Spools Available
  • Extremely narrow widths with closer than standard tolerances
  • Supplying Industries Including:
    • Springs
    • Automotive
    • Electronics
    • Oil & Gas
    • Aerospace
    • Medical
    • Fastener
    • Consumer and Building Products
    • Power Generation
  • 60+ Years of Strip Innovation, Service, & Expertise
  • Strip Available From 7 Locations in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada