304 Stainless Steel Strip and Slit Coil

304 Stainless Steel Strip Coil

Type 304 stainless steel strip, to ASTM A-666, UNS S30400, and AMS 5513, is an austenitic grade of stainless and is similar to Type 302 but, has a lower carbon content of .08%. This material has excellent corrosion resistance and can be easily fabricated. Gibbs stocks Type 304 stainless in gauges from .0019” to .062” and precision slits up to 24″ wide.  Gibbs can provide 304 stainless steel strip in all quantities from 25# to large production runs of truckload quantities.  Special edges are also available:

  • #1 round edge
  • #5 deburred
  • Square Edge
  • Pinch Rolled
  • Chamfered
  • Angled
  • Beveled
  • Custom Edge to Print via CAD or customer print
  • Standard #3 slit edge

Gibbs provides ribbon wound coils or precision oscillate wound bobbins, spools, or reels to your specifications. (view all oscillate options here)

304 strip is often used for drawing, forming, punching, stamping and is used heavily in the food, chemical, petroleum, automotive, and architectural application.  304L is an extra low version with .03% max carbon and is commonly used for welding applications.

304 stainless steel is a readily available alloy in most forms and it’s commonly selected for it’s relatively low market price.

Typical Applications for 304 stainless steel strip:

  • hypodermic needles
  • flexible hoses
  • clamps
  • evaporators
  • bellows
  • airbag sensors
  • tubing
  • cooling coils
  • hinges
  • oil and gas filter screens

Chemical Composition:

ElementQuantity per ASTM-A240
Carbon0.08 max
Manganese:2.00 max
Phosphorus:0.040 maxSulfur:
Sulfur: 0.030 max
Silicon: 1.00 max
Chromium:18.00- 20.00
Nickel: 8.00- 10.50
Copper:0.75 max
Molybdenum: 0.75 max

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