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Update Kobe Steel Announcement

To Our Valued Customers:                           10/19/2017

Re: Kobe Steel Issues Regarding Specifications

We are aware of the recent press and public announcement announcements regarding falsified certifications and potentially non-conforming materials from Kobe Steel and its affiliates.

This is a very fluid situation.  Here is what we know at this time:

  • Kobe Steel has historically been a very minor (in fact de minus) part of our supply chain. We do not currently have any Kobe material in stock.
  • Over the past few years we have brought in a few sizes from Suzuki Garphyttan for our South Bend facility that were made from Kobe rod. We have asked Suzuki Garphyttan in South Bend for comment on all items in question.
  • The Kobe companies, listed as a potential source of the problem, have not been the supplier of any of the product we purchased. As of the date above, the Kobe rod mill that supplies Suzuki Garphyttan has not been shown to have a problem.  However, we recognize that the investigation is still underway.
  • Please note our supply chair on Valve Quality Wire has traditionally been Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metals Group (NSSG), who source all the rod from their sister rod company, Nippon-Muroran Works, exclusively.

As this situation continues to develop and as we gain more information, we will keep customers who may have received Kobe rod product from us, advised of the status.



John Mintun
Vice President of Purchasing, Wire Products
Gibbs® Wire & Steel, Inc.

Alice Stengel Vice President of Digital Marketing and New Business Development

Alice Stengel added as Vice President of Digital Marketing & New Business Development

Gibbs® is pleased to announce the addition of Alice C. Stengel as Vice President of Digital Marketing and New Business Development.  Since 2009, she led SEO & Marketing Professionals Inc., an Integrated Marketing Company, serving metals companies worldwide.

In her new role, Alice will drive an intensive digital marketing program designed to promote growth and increase revenue. Alice will also manage our digital efforts for Gibbs.mx, a website developed for our customers in Mexico, Central, and South America, as well as, Gibbs-Online.com, our 24/7 customer service portal.

Alice excels in the development of multi-language websites, E-Commerce websites, search engine optimization, social media, public relations, PPC/SEM, promotional video production, photography, and more. Her 30+ years working in the Metals Industry, in both sales and marketing roles, also gives her a broad working knowledge of the applications and markets served by Gibbs.

“I look forward to promoting the Gibbs® brand across digital and traditional platforms to industries and markets where we can provide added value with our exceptional products and services. I’m driven to exceed the goals we’ve set and excited to join a world-class company of dedicated professionals”, commented Alice.

During her metals career she was the Membership Chair, Vice President, and President, of the New England Chapter of AWMI and is currently a Board Member of the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center in Newburyport, MA.

Alice lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

About Gibbs:

Gibbs® is an ISO 9001:2008 processor and distributor of strip coil and wire products in stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel alloys, and red metals headquartered in Southington, CT, since 1956. Gibbs offers six additional locations in Texas, North Carolina, Indiana, California and Brampton, CA and Queretaro, Mexico.

Website: www.gibbswire.com
Mexico: www.gibbs.mx
Customer Service Portal: www.gibbs-online.com

For more information:
Dick Lane

Laser In-Line Welding for Stainless Steel Strip & Slit Coil

Laser In-Line Welding for Stainless Steel Strip & Slit Coil


As we continue to increase manufacturing automation, the demand for larger and longer running stainless steel slit coils and spools is a common requirement.  To produce these larger traverse or ribbon wound coils during the slitting process, the strip is welded end to end.  This lengthening, allows the coil to run without continual supervision for longer periods of time.

Not all welds are equal and a poor weld can create havoc in the manufacturing process.  A quality weld is uniform, consistent, smooth, and includes no burn-out on the edges of the strip.

Image of a good Weld:


Whether our customers require functional welds that become part of their shipped product, or a flagged weld, that is removed during processing, the Gibbs proprietary laser welding process provides trouble-free, longer running, stainless steel strip coils.

Our highly acclaimed ability to provide a repeatable functional weld on extremely light-gauge material is an additional capability our customers find indispensable in their manufacturing processes.

Our processes and skilled operators, establish a standard of service that build long lasting partnerships. Each detail of our processes add value to our product and differentiates us from our competition.

Gibbs’ dedication to the quality and effectiveness of our in-line welding is part of our world-class mission.

Contact us for more information on how Gibbs can provide you higher quality, longer running, stainless steel strip coil.

Gibbs Mission Statement

Our goal at Gibbs is to be the highest quality supplier of specialty steel products in the marketplace. We will realize this goal through use of a Continuous Improvement Plan, Employee Education, Training & a company-wide Commitment to Excellence.

The management of Gibbs recognizes that its people are the key to establishing error-free production. By promoting teamwork and providing the tools to achieve top performance, Gibbs strives to meet and surpass our customers’ requirements the first time, every time.

Gibbs Edging and Skiving

The Gibbs Edge… Better springs and longer lasting parts start with high quality edging!

Edge defects can contribute to lower spring cycle life, fatigue issues, and early part failure.  Not all skived edges are equal.  Gibbs understands why the edge matters to the performance of your products and has developed a proprietary process to ensure a superior edge.  Gibbs works diligently to provide a consistent and clean edge in order to prevent stress risers which contribute to lowering the cycle life of the spring.

Highly acclaimed for our ability to provide a superior skived, square, or round edge on material as light as 0.0025”, Gibbs continually strives to further improve our process.  Edging is a combination of art, science, and the right equipment. Our technicians have decades of experience and metal working mastery that, when combined with our meticulously maintained dies and equipment, produce a repeatable and superior high quality edge, on time, every time.

Gibbs can provide a #1 rolled edge, # 5 square or deburred edge, in addition to, the standard #3 slit edge.

We are happy to work with customers on special edging requirement

Our Team is Growing: Bill Thoma Joins Gibbs as Midwest Strip Sales Manager

stainless steel strip coil and slit coilGibbs is pleased to announce the addition of Bill Thoma as Strip Sales Manager for the Midwest Region of the U.S.  Bill is based out of the Gibbs South Bend, Indiana, facility.  He comes to us a seasoned professional in the Metals Industry.  Bill began his metals career with Ulbrich Steel, working in Manufacturing, Sales, and Production Layout.  In 2005, he launched his own firm, TNT Steel Sales, acting as a broker, independent representative, and sourcing consultant specializing in narrow width, slit and edged strip products.

In his new role at Gibbs, Bill will be responsible for expanding strip and slit coil sales in the Midwest region and beyond.

Bill’s philosophy on business is simple. He looks to listen for the needs of the customer in an effort to solve the problems they identify as constraints or challenges.  Bill is patient and persistent. He takes a genuine interest in his customers’ manufacturing processes in an effort to identify solutions that lower their costs and add value to their products.

If you would like Bill to contact you to discuss your strip and slit coils needs, please email him below or call him directly at:

Toll Free: 1.800.788.8113
Phone: 574.234.6071