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Gibbs is excited to present the new Gibbs-Online.com 24/7 digital customer service portal.  The new website allows customers access to all of their Gibbs documents:

  • Open & Closed Orders with Excel Download Options
  • Open & Closed with Excel Download Options
  • Invoices Payment Dates with Check Numbers and Open Invoice Totals
  • Invoice Reprints
  • Certification Reprint Request

It’s fast and easy!  Request your Gibbs-Online account in the form below!

Our Sales staff will always be there to assist but, if you’d like to have this extra layer of access to your account, it’s available to you now.   Contact us and sign up today!


Gibbs Is Growing!

Expanded Capabilities, Larger Stock Selection, and More From Gibbs!

Precision Strip Reroll:

Gibbs now offers an expanded selection of rolled precision strip in stainless, nickel, titanium, and other specialty metals.  We can provide smaller mill minimums than most reroll mills and the same high-quality strip, you’ve grown to expect.  Our precision rerolled coil can also be precision slit to extremely narrow widths, edged (round, square, broken corner), and oscillate wound to your spool specifications.

Gauges as light as 0.0019″ & up to .100  

Widths from .020″ up to 51″

Additional Stainless Slit Coil Grades

Gibbs can now supply additional slit coil grades of 321, 347, 409, 420, 430, 434, 439, 441.  Special Metals strip coil also available in titanium, nickel alloys, and duplex alloys.

Chrome Silicon and Chrome Vanadium Wire

View our expanded inventory of round chrome silicon and chrome vanadium wire in both valve and commercial quality.   Ask us about shaped Chrome Silicon and Chrome Vanadium.

Chrome Vanadium Commercial Quality

Chrome Vanadium Valve Quality

Chrome Silicon Commercial Quality

Chrome Silicon Valve Quality

Special Metals Round Wire

We’ve expanded our inventory of X750 and I600.  More sizes have been added to our spring tempered inventory.  Same day/next day shipping!

Precision Drawn Round Wire 

In addition to our vast inventory of spring wire products, we’re now able to provide many nickel alloys, titanium, and other specialty metals in round and shaped wire products.

Rolled Shaped Wire Products

Our shaped wire products are available in carbon alloys, stainless steel, nickel alloys, red metals, titanium, and other exotic alloys. Shaped wire offers ‘near net’ shapes reducing manufacturing and machining costs.

To get more information about any of the offerings above call us at 800-800-4422 or email us: Request A Quote

Our thoughts on the closing of ASW/Pengg

Our thoughts on the closing of ASW/Pengg.

We were saddened to see that ASW/Pengg is closing.  We have enjoyed working with this fine group of people since their inception.  They were both a competitor and a supplier.  In both cases, we always found that they operated with the highest degree of integrity and class.  They sold quality products by a staff of dedicated professionals to both spring manufacturers and distributors.  We wish everyone involved with them the very best.

We know that their closure has many customers concerned about their supply options going forward.  The rest of this message is to assure you that Gibbs can immediately fill your needs in this regard.

Gibbs® inventories a vast amount of spring wire including Chrome Silicon Valve and Commercial Quality, as well as, Chrome Vanadium Valve and Commercial Quality. 

Chrome Silicon Commercial Quality (.019”-.625”) ASTM-A401

Chrome Silicon Valve Quality (.0197” – .331”) ASTM-A877

Chrome Vanadium Commercial (.207”-.625”) ASTM-A231

Chrome Vanadium Valve (.080” -.362”) ASTM-A232

Although we carry many grades of spring wire including stainless and nickel alloys, we are stocked and prepared for immediate requests for the Chrome Silicon and Chrome Vanadium grades ASW/Pengg is well known for.  We have the ability to service new and current customers from stock inventory for these grades.

Our knowledge and experience with these alloys is wide-ranging.  Our Team has a deep understanding of how the wire finish and diameter tolerances affect spring performance and why those wire features are critical to the springs you manufacture.  You need your processes to be repeatable with little manufacturing loss and fast set up.  Our knowledge and experience makes Gibbs® a natural choice for spring makers.  Whether you produce springs for Automotive, ATV, Agricultural Equipment, Medical, or other industries, Gibbs understands what you need to produce the highest quality springs.

As a global leader in the distribution of spring wire products, Gibbs® can offer material management services traditionally not offered by mill suppliers or other distributors. 

Here are some of the many benefits Gibbs can offer you:

Seasoned Wire Professionals: Decades of spring manufacturing and wire knowledge. We have many employees with over 30 years of experience in the spring wire industry.  We know our customers and develop lasting, trusted relationships. Our goal is to provide you repeatable, high quality, wire products.  Our relationships are built vertically throughout our organization with Sales, Management, Quality, Credit, Drivers/Shipping, and anyone from Gibbs® that touches your order.

Stock and Hold Inventory for JIT Shipments:  Seven stocking locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Qualified and Tested Suppliers: We qualify mills with stringent ISO 9001:2015 procedures.  

Splits:  Gibbs provides coil-splitting for sizes up to .207 diameter.

Market Disruption Protection: Proactively manage hiccups in supply with our deep bench of qualified vendors. Gibbs® large-diameter Chrome Vanadium to ASTM-A231 supply will not be interrupted by ASW’s closure.

We Can Match or Exceed Other Supplier’s Specialties: Gibbs® has the ability to provide spring wire with added value.  As an example, we can certify a portion of our stock to ‘super clean’.  Special coatings and finishes are common.

Vast Inventory of Spring Wire: ASTM A1000 A & D are also available along with stainless wire in soap and nickel coat, music wire, specialty metals, and other brand names like Preco Z® and Corrostan®.  We can draw to custom sizes upon request. 

Shaped, Flat, and Square Wire: Gibbs supplies custom made shaped wire products in any almost alloy.

Samples for Qualification: We believe in our wire.  Gibbs® will supply samples for testing upon request.  Contact us for your samples.  

We Sell Strip: Precision slitting down to .024” wide for all of the spring strip alloys you need along with your wire products.  We can edge and oscillate for longer cycle life and longer runs.

When Problems Arise: We have many customers who have trusted us for over 40 years.  We value these long term relationships.  When things do go wrong, we’ll be here to stand by our products with the same world-class service we’ve been providing, since 1956.

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Helpful Tips for Social Distancing

Helpful Tips for Social Distancing

Most Americans are advised to social distance or have been required to shelter in place. Shopping for necessities can pose a real challenge. There are many delivery services available currently from most chain stores for all of the items you need. 

While you use the list below to help make distancing easier, let’s remember others that may need help. Communities must come together in times of crisis. If we each help one person, we have made a big difference. We can remain safe and at a distance while helping those in need:

    • Donate to your favorite charity or church, they are struggling as donations wane.
    • Buy local. Order take-out weekly or buy a gift card from your favorite restaurant or store. It will help local businesses to stay afloat.
    • Call your elderly neighbors to see if they have the items they need.  Older people may not be as tech-savvy and may not know How to Shelter in Place Like a Prothey can get groceries and prescriptions delivered.  

American’s come together in times of crisis. We all need to do our part. We can make a difference even though we’re at a distance.

Here are some tips to help you avoid crowds and public places and still get everything you need.  This post is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended to endorse any particular brand.


Many national brands and local stores deliver. For my area, I use Peapod https://www.peapod.com/ and Prime Now https://primenow.amazon.com/, delivering for Whole Foods. Both apps can be downloaded through the App Store for the iPhone or Google Play for Android. You may prepay by credit or debit card and the groceries are left on your porch/doorstep. There does not need to be *direct contact with the delivery person if you prepay.

There are many items currently out of stock. You may want to enable “ok to substitute” if you don’t have brand preferences. Delivery charges may apply and some services offer tipping options which can reduce face to face contact with the delivery person. Use coupons? Many services allow you to submit product coupons when buying online. *See CDC guidelines for surface cleaning of all surfaces/products you come in contact with which may include grocery items


Don’t cook? Most restaurants are offering delivery service or curbside pickup. Many that did not traditionally offer delivery are now because of the shutdown. There are also options like Uber Eats and DoorDash®. They are third party companies that pick up and deliver to you. The apps can be found on the App Store for iPhone or via Google Play for Androids. Prepay via credit card and include tips in payment when possible to *minimize face to face contact. *Use CDC guidelines for sanitizing surfaces of various types of packaging.


Use online pharmacy apps. Ask for 90-day supplies when possible. My local CVS store will deliver any item in the store including prescriptions. See CDC guidelines for surface cleaning of all surfaces/products you come in contact with including pharmacy items. The corona lives on various surfaces for extended periods. It may be recommended you sanitize pharmacy products & packaging.


Exercise can be a challenge if you are used to going to a gym. Some people live in areas where they can get outside safely for a run or walk 6 feet or further from others but, some are ‘shelter in place’ with no outdoor activities allowed. There are many online downloadable exercise videos. I subscribe to the Yoga Channel. Many are free and some have a fee.  Remember if you don’t already exercise you’ll want to discuss it with your doctor before starting.


There are alcohol delivery services. I had to double-check but in most areas, it’s considered an essential service!


I must confess I’ve never ‘gamed’ but, this might be the right time to try online gaming. There are hundreds of online game streaming services that families can utilize for entertainment.


And lastly, Amazon is a source for countless products. If you choose the paid version called “Amazon Prime” you get free delivery on many items. You can buy groceries, housewares, personal items, and access to Prime TV. They also offer Audible, an audiobook service for those that prefer to listen to their favorite books.


Stay connected with friends and family for free while distancing. Use Zoom.com to video chat with friends and family. Video chats are free for up to 40 minutes per call. Use the ‘gallery’ function to see everyone on the call in one view.


The link to the CDC website for additional information. The information changes and evolves daily. Check back to this link regularly for updates.

* https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

If you have other ideas or apps that can be helpful, please share!

COVID-19 Update 3-20-20

Gibbs COVID-19 Update 3-20-20

March 20, 2020

Status Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Our Supply Chain

To:  Our Valued Customers and Suppliers,

We want to provide you with a status report of key areas of our business that relate to the coronavirus:

Status of material supply:  We are starting to see some disruption in supply from foreign mills.  We have not experienced any disruption as yet from domestic mills due to the coronavirus at this time.  However, we believe we have ample inventory at this time.  This applies to wire and strip products.  

Status of our operations:  We are not experiencing any significant operational issues at this time.  We are taking all prudent measures to limit the impact of the virus on operations.  This includes allowing employees to telecommute.  It also includes staggered attendance at work in some areas.  We have also restricted all visitors to essential personnel.  All travel by our outside sales team has been curtailed.  We are following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for protection and prevention.

We will remain open as a critical business.  Please note that we qualify as a Federal Critical Infrastructure business according to CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency).  This is due in part to our place in the supply chain for critical areas such as medical, and critical manufacturing.  

Status of transportation: We are working closely with our freight forwarders to ensure we have uninterrupted service.  We do see potential risk in this area that could lead to higher rates. We are monitoring this closely. At this time there has been no disruption.

We will continue to keep you updated if any of the above change.

We wish you and your employees the very best during this challenging period.  



William J. Torres