What is Music Wire?

What is Music Wire?

Music Wire is a common name for high carbon spring wire.  This product is used for countless spring applications.  It received its name because it was originally used for Piano wire.  This high tensile wire can withstand temps up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, has high fatigue life, as well as, take severe bends without cracking.  Spring manufacturers prefer music wire and consider it a good value because it meets the needs and requirements of the spring buyers at a moderate material cost. Gibbs music wire under .055” is also patented.  The standard ordering specification or music wire is to ASTM-A-228.  Patenting is a heat treatment process that improves the durability and strength of the wire.  It is achieved with an in-line heat treatment at 970 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooled in a variety of mediums including air and lead.  Sizes over .055” are available upon request with short lead times.

Music wire is phosphate coated to assist lubrication in the spring winding process.  It can be plated post-production or purchased in pre-plated state with additional corrosion resistant properties such as zinc.  Gibbs is an exclusive supplier of Preco Z®, a zinc coated music wire, that is the preferred choice of many spring manufacturers.  In addition to Preco Z, Gibbs stocks Corrostan®, an electro-galvanized music wire that also offers additional corrosion resistance to standard music wire.

The general consensus is that music wire is one of the best, toughest, and most widely preferred materials for all sizes of springs. It has one of the highest tensile strengths and can withstand higher stresses under repeated loading than other spring materials.  It is generally ordered to ASTM A-228.  Contact us for additional specifications.

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    Patented Wire – Patented Music Wire

    Patented Wire

    Patented Wire is a standard grade music wire that has been conditioned for spring and wire rope applications where strength and high tensile are needed.  Patenting is a heat treatment process that improves the durability and strength of the wire.  The process involves an in-line heat treatment at 970 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooled in a variety of mediums including air and lead.  The resulting wire has a fine pearlite structure with little or no separation of the ferrite (iron).

    All of Gibbs music wire under .055” diameter is patented.  Size above .056” are available upon request.

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    OTMB Class 1 .078 Material on Reels – Deal of the Month!

    OTMB Class 1 .078" Diameter Spring Wire on Reels - Deal of the Month!

    Gibbs is offering 20,000 lbs of prime inventory, OTMB Class 1, .078″ diameter on reels, for $.75 per lb.  This prime material is offered FOB South Bend, Indiana.  Minimum buy is 10,000 lbs. Certifications and mill source available. 

    For More Information Contact Glen Hare at 574-404-5028 or submit an RFQ referencing OTMB Class 1 .078″ excess inventory.

    Gibbs Canada

    Strip & Wire Close-Up - Gibbs of Brampton, Canada!

    Located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, our facility provides strip and wire products throughout Canada. We stock a vast inventory of wire and strip for many industries including; spring, automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, oil & gas, chemical processing, pulp/paper, and more. Our materials include stainless steel, carbon, specialty metals, and red metals. We provide precision slitting capabilities for light gauge strip as thin as .002″ and as narrow as .024″.  We can provide exceptionally tight tolerances, as well as, a variety of edges and winding options.

    Round Wire


    • Min 0.005 in / .127 mm
    • Max 0.625 in / 15.875 mm


    Carbon Steel:

    Music Wire, Phosphate Coated Music Wire, Corrostan Music Wire, Preco Z Music Wire, Preco N Music Wire, OTMB Spring Wire Class I, OTMB Spring Wire Class II, OT Chrome Vanadium CQ, OT Chrome Vanadium VQ, OT Chrome Silicon CQ, OT Chrom Silicon VQ, Hard Drawn MB Spring Wire, Galvanized Hard Drawn MB Spring Wire Class I

    Stainless Steel:

    302, 302 Nickel Coated, 316, 17-7PH, 17-7PH Nickel Coated

    Specialty Metals:

    Inconel X750 Spring Wire, Inconel 600 Spring Wire

    Red Metals:

    Phos Bronze Spring Wire






    Strip Coil


    • Min     0.0020 in /  0.0508 mm
    • Max    0.062 in / 1.575 mm


    • Min  0.024 in / 0 .6096 mm
    • Max    24 in / 609.6 mm

    Gibbs can precision slit light gauge coil/foil to exceptionally narrow widths, to 0.024″/0.6096mm.

    Contact Sales for specific tolerances on your thickness/width strip request.


    Stainless Steel Strip:

    201, 301, 301 high yield, 302, 304, 304L, 305, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 17-7 PH, 420

    Carbon Steel Strip:

    1008, 1050, 1060, 1070, 1074, 1075, 1095

    Specialty Metal Strip:

    Inconel® 600, Inconel® 625, X750, 800H, Ti Grade 2, Hastelloy® B3, Incoloy® 825, Duplex 2205, Alloy 20

    Red Metals Strip:

    Phosphor Bronze, Beryllium Copper

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    Gibbs® At A Glance

    Gibbs® is an ISO 9001:2015 Processor and Distributor of Strip Coil and Wire Products in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Nickel Alloys, and Red Metals



    Strip Products:

    Wire Products:

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    Our Mission:

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    The management of Gibbs recognizes that its people are the key to establishing error-free production. By promoting teamwork and providing the tools to achieve top performance, Gibbs strives to meet and surpass our customers’ requirements the first time, every time.

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