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Coil Edging and Skiving Capabilities

Stainless Steel Strip and Stainless Steel Spring Wire Coil Edging and Skiving Capabilities

Coil Edging & Skiving Capabilities

Specializing in a variety of special edge types, Gibbs is proud to also offer “built to print” custom edge services. Working with your unique CAD file or blueprint, we’ll custom manufacture a special edge type to meet your precise requirements-and we’ll even custom manufacture the die we need to make it!

We are happy to work with a wide range of materials, including stainless steels, nickel alloys, and carbon steels. We can guarantee width tolerances of +/-.003″, and with operations approval, down to +/- .001″. In addition to our fully custom edges, we also produce #1, 3, and 5 square.

Coil Edge Capabilities:

  • 0.040″ (1.016mm) minimum edge width
  • 0.004″ (.1016mm) minimum coil thickness
  • Tolerances as tight as =/- 0.001″ (standard is 0.003″)
  • #1 Round Edge
  • #3 Slit Edge
  • #5 Square Edge
  • Special Shaped Edge Per Print

Benefits of Skived and Special Coil Edges:

  • Improved Spring Life Cycle
  • Improved Part Functionality
  • Safety Edge
  • Improved Look and Cosmetic Appearance
  • Toll Edging Available