Laser In-Line Welding for Stainless Steel Strip & Slit Coil

Laser In-Line Welding for Stainless Steel Strip & Slit Coil


As we continue to increase manufacturing automation, the demand for larger and longer running stainless steel slit coils and spools is a common requirement.  To produce these larger traverse or ribbon wound coils during the slitting process, the strip is welded end to end.  This lengthening, allows the coil to run without continual supervision for longer periods of time.

Not all welds are equal and a poor weld can create havoc in the manufacturing process.  A quality weld is uniform, consistent, smooth, and includes no burn-out on the edges of the strip.

Image of a good Weld:


Whether our customers require functional welds that become part of their shipped product, or a flagged weld, that is removed during processing, the Gibbs proprietary laser welding process provides trouble-free, longer running, stainless steel strip coils.

Our highly acclaimed ability to provide a repeatable functional weld on extremely light-gauge material is an additional capability our customers find indispensable in their manufacturing processes.

Our processes and skilled operators, establish a standard of service that build long lasting partnerships. Each detail of our processes add value to our product and differentiates us from our competition.

Gibbs’ dedication to the quality and effectiveness of our in-line welding is part of our world-class mission.

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Gibbs Mission Statement

Our goal at Gibbs is to be the highest quality supplier of specialty steel products in the marketplace. We will realize this goal through use of a Continuous Improvement Plan, Employee Education, Training & a company-wide Commitment to Excellence.

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