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Spring Manufacturers

Spring Manufacturers

At Gibbs we take pride in our long history of providing metal services with roots that stretch back to 1956. Beginning in those early years and continuing today, Gibbs has been broadening our inventory and capabilities to supply precision specialty steels in both wire and strip. We offer a full line of spring materials for the spring industry. Our expanded wire product inventory will satisfy any desired spring application, including our stainless steel offerings for corrosive environments and carbon wire where higher strength is required. Our stainless line features the most common spring wire grade Type 302, as well as Type 17-7PH that provides superior strength, heat, and corrosion resistance. In the event higher corrosion resistance properties are required, Gibbs also carriers a full line of Type 316 stainless wire that has superior corrosion properties when compared to T-302 and 17-7PH. Spring manufacturers often require materials for high temperature applications. Gibbs stocks Super Alloy grades like Inconel X-750 and Inconel 600 which operate in temperatures up to 700 F.

In the carbon spring wire arena, Gibbs stocks and supplies high tensile materials including Rocket Wire and Phos Music Wire. Do you need a more economical High Carbon material for less demanding applications? We carry a full line of HDMB grades in Phos and galvanized coated materials. Chrome Silicon and Chrome Vanadium are also stocked in both commercial and valve quality that is designed for springs that must withstand considerable levels of shock and heat.

In addition to our full line of stainless and carbon wire products that are unique to the spring industry, Gibbs carries a full line of spring materials in stainless strip and carbon strip steel. Included in these offerings is Type 301, the most common stainless spring grade. If higher strength is required, Gibbs also provides a full line of Type 301 High Yield stainless strip.

High carbon strip spring materials are also stocked including C1050 in the annealed condition. This strip is an economical grade of spring steel that is often used where the part is hardened and tempered after forming.

This is just a small sample of the various types of wire and strip we have available.
To learn more, speak with or contact a Gibbs representative today at one of our facilities closest to your location.

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