300 Series Stainless Steel Wire

300 Series Stainless Steel Wire

Spring makers, fastener manufacturers, and wire formers use 300 series stainless steel wire when corrosion resistance and strength are important product features.  Gibbs provides many stainless wire alloys including the most commonly used grades:  
    • 302
    • 304 
    • 316
300 series stainless steel is also sometimes referred to as 18-8 grades.  All 300 grades are austenitic.  Austenitic grades will not gain strength after heat treatment. They gain their tensile and yield strength by cold working or drawing. If hardening by heat treatment is required 400 series stainless wire should be considered.
302, 304, and 316 stainless steel wire is used for countless applications where high strength and corrosion resistance are required.  For added corrosion resistance 316 may be selected.  It is lesser in strength than 302 but it offers improved corrosion characteristics due to the added Molybdenum.
Common industries relying on 300 series stainless wire:
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Chemical Processing
    • Commercial Products
    • Electronics
    • Machinery
    • Medical
    • Oil & Gas
    • Recreational Vehicles
Many coatings and finishes are available including Bright, Soap, and Nickel.  Coatings are added for drawing purposes and lubricity for many processes including spring coilers.  Bright wire or “diamond drawn” is typically supplied under 0.025” diameter and often used for medical applications
Common specifications for 300 series wire:
    • ASTM A 313
    • SAE J230
    • AMS 5688
    • SUS304 WPB
All 300 grades can be supplied as Spring Temper, ¼ hard, ½ hard, ¾ hard and fully annealed.  Gibbs can provide custom-drawn wire to your specific tensile range.
Most 300 series wire is rated for maximum operating temperatures of 400 to 450 degrees (check specifications by alloy).
Much of the wire Gibbs provides to the industries noted above is used to manufacture springs.  When springs are made they go through a spring coiling process.  That process adds stress to the formed spring.  Most manufacturers stress-relieve their springs after forming.  Stress-relieving reduces the work-hardened stresses making the spring stronger. Many spring makers include this operation in-line with their coiling operation.
After coiling and stress relieving, the springs may also be passivated. The purpose of passivating is to protect the invisible oxide film that completely covers the surface of the parts by removing surface contamination so that the protective film layer is not interrupted. Passivating is done by immersing the parts in a nitric acid solution.
Gibbs is a premier supplier of tempered stainless steel wire in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  In addition to 300 series, we offer PH grades, 400 series, carbon steel, nickel alloys, specialty metals, cobalt alloys, and more.  For more information or to request a quote:  CONTACT US 

Our thoughts on the closing of ASW/Pengg

Our thoughts on the closing of ASW/Pengg.

We were saddened to see that ASW/Pengg is closing.  We have enjoyed working with this fine group of people since their inception.  They were both a competitor and a supplier.  In both cases, we always found that they operated with the highest degree of integrity and class.  They sold quality products by a staff of dedicated professionals to both spring manufacturers and distributors.  We wish everyone involved with them the very best.

We know that their closure has many customers concerned about their supply options going forward.  The rest of this message is to assure you that Gibbs can immediately fill your needs in this regard.

Gibbs® inventories a vast amount of spring wire including Chrome Silicon Valve and Commercial Quality, as well as, Chrome Vanadium Valve and Commercial Quality. 

Chrome Silicon Commercial Quality (.019”-.625”) ASTM-A401

Chrome Silicon Valve Quality (.0197” – .331”) ASTM-A877

Chrome Vanadium Commercial (.207”-.625”) ASTM-A231

Chrome Vanadium Valve (.080” -.362”) ASTM-A232

Although we carry many grades of spring wire including stainless and nickel alloys, we are stocked and prepared for immediate requests for the Chrome Silicon and Chrome Vanadium grades ASW/Pengg is well known for.  We have the ability to service new and current customers from stock inventory for these grades.

Our knowledge and experience with these alloys is wide-ranging.  Our Team has a deep understanding of how the wire finish and diameter tolerances affect spring performance and why those wire features are critical to the springs you manufacture.  You need your processes to be repeatable with little manufacturing loss and fast set up.  Our knowledge and experience makes Gibbs® a natural choice for spring makers.  Whether you produce springs for Automotive, ATV, Agricultural Equipment, Medical, or other industries, Gibbs understands what you need to produce the highest quality springs.

As a global leader in the distribution of spring wire products, Gibbs® can offer material management services traditionally not offered by mill suppliers or other distributors. 

Here are some of the many benefits Gibbs can offer you:

Seasoned Wire Professionals: Decades of spring manufacturing and wire knowledge. We have many employees with over 30 years of experience in the spring wire industry.  We know our customers and develop lasting, trusted relationships. Our goal is to provide you repeatable, high quality, wire products.  Our relationships are built vertically throughout our organization with Sales, Management, Quality, Credit, Drivers/Shipping, and anyone from Gibbs® that touches your order.

Stock and Hold Inventory for JIT Shipments:  Seven stocking locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Qualified and Tested Suppliers: We qualify mills with stringent ISO 9001:2015 procedures.  

Splits:  Gibbs provides coil-splitting for sizes up to .207 diameter.

Market Disruption Protection: Proactively manage hiccups in supply with our deep bench of qualified vendors. Gibbs® large-diameter Chrome Vanadium to ASTM-A231 supply will not be interrupted by ASW’s closure.

We Can Match or Exceed Other Supplier’s Specialties: Gibbs® has the ability to provide spring wire with added value.  As an example, we can certify a portion of our stock to ‘super clean’.  Special coatings and finishes are common.

Vast Inventory of Spring Wire: ASTM A1000 A & D are also available along with stainless wire in soap and nickel coat, music wire, specialty metals, and other brand names like Preco Z® and Corrostan®.  We can draw to custom sizes upon request. 

Shaped, Flat, and Square Wire: Gibbs supplies custom made shaped wire products in any almost alloy.

Samples for Qualification: We believe in our wire.  Gibbs® will supply samples for testing upon request.  Contact us for your samples.  

We Sell Strip: Precision slitting down to .024” wide for all of the spring strip alloys you need along with your wire products.  We can edge and oscillate for longer cycle life and longer runs.

When Problems Arise: We have many customers who have trusted us for over 40 years.  We value these long term relationships.  When things do go wrong, we’ll be here to stand by our products with the same world-class service we’ve been providing, since 1956.

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